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Me þuhte...
Dutch discovered himself in the mirror for the first time, yesterday. It was too funny (haha) watching him bark at himself, and even funnier (odd) because he doesn't bark at other dogs! No, I didn't get a picture. When I got up to get the camera, he had to come see what I was doing. Guess I'll have to lanyard the camera to my wrist or neck so I can get to it without distracting him. Anyhow... here's a bonus pic:

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Still feeling a tad under the weather, but somewhat better than the past couple of days. So, for my listening enjoyment (and hopefully yours) on a lazy Sunday afternoon...


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"Odin from Lejre? No, it's Freya!"

...and I say, why not possibly Frigga? Still, very interesting to contemplate and a beautiful piece to admire.

Here's the story for those who can read Danish: http://tinyurl.com/yjct7rd
And, for those of us who cannot do: http://tinyurl.com/y8nmd8y


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Happy Birthday heethen_crone

Sorry this is late.  I meant to get online yesterday, but time just got away from me.


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So, I've been wanting a dog for a long time.  'Til now, I've always managed to talk myself out of it.  But seeing this little monkey-face, there was no talking myself out of it this time.


My Affenpinscher boy


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It's been a bit of a hectic week, so once again I'm lagging behind in updating this journal and in keeping up with my F-List posts.  Nothing major happening; work's been busier than it has been lately, and lots of little added errands to attend to.  I held my Hærfest observance last Saturday, October 3rd, and did want to get down at least a mention of that...

A simple fægnung was held in front of my home weófod in observance of Hærfest, or Harvest Home.  Þunor and Sibb were hailed and thanked for another season that provided abundantly.  A horn of Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat Ale was shared.  In addition to (much more!) Cherry Wheat Ale, other gifts given included spiced ham, cottage cheese, apple butter, some sliced apple and a loaf of home-baked bread.

This painting of a youthful Þunor hangs above my weófod.
It was painted for me by Pagan artist, longtime and very dear personal friend, M.A. Will

Eálá Þunor!  Eálá Sibb!


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This poem was submitted to Sé Ærendraca, the organizational newsletter of the GFS.  I'm posting it again, here, so as to keep a record of it in my journal.  So, with apologies to those on my Friends list who may've already seen this:

On Kin: A Lay Given to Sibb


Hale strong and happy | one's hearth ought be

Good finance and frith | it's furtherance foot

Friendliness and freedom | from fear and churning

Bond and broadness | the lucky band's badge

Gold-haired guardian | who's gifts these are

Who's tresses a treasure | turned by dwarves

Sibb! staunch sibling | pray see us with courtesy


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Another great American hero and a personal hero of mine has passed away.  Crystal Lee Sutton, who was the inspiration for the 1979 movie "Norma Rae," died of brain cancer at the age of 68 on Friday, September 11th, 2009.

Read about Crystal Lee Sutton here: http://www.crystalleesutton.com/index.html
Read the AP obituary here: http://tinyurl.com/p2wofl

Thank you, Crystal Lee.  May you find your rest.


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09 · 11 · 01


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In the year 9 of the common era, in the Battle of Teutoburg Forest, a column of three Roman legions were defeated by a force of Germanic warriors assembled from many tribes and led by Hermann der Cherusker.  This battled is believed to have occured over the days of September 9th through 11th.  The utter decimation of the Roman legions prevented Rome from acheiving her goal of expansion beyond the Rhine into the heartland of Germanic territory.

Yesterday, late afternoon after work, I held a small observance in recognition of the 2000th anniversary of the Teutoburger Wald Schlacht.  In memory of this important event that has ramifications up to today, Tiw and Zisa were hailed and thanked for giving the victory to Hermann and his warriors.  The horn was filled with Harpoon Octoberfest Beer from our local Harpoon Brewery.  Gifts of crispbread with Braunschweiger and Butterkäse, sardines, and some sliced apple were given.  Hermann der Cherusker was hailed as were his warriors, collectively.  A horn to Hermann and his warriors will also be raised today, September 10th, and again tomorrow, September 11th, in recognition of the duration of the Battle.

Eálá þám sigefolces!

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